Over 50 colour options

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As the first to walk down the aisle, the bridesmaids set the tone of the wedding. Make it one to remember.


Designed and fitted in the UK, made in partnership with our reputable and expert production team in Vietnam. Dresses are made with the utmost in quality by some of the best craftsman in the industry. We source fabrics from manufacturers we trust and create meaningful relationships, because we care about the people who make our bridesmaid dresses, just as much as the bridesmaids and couples we make them for.


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Miabelle is a bridesmaid specialist, designer brand. Offering thoughtfully curated collections for all things bridal and occasion. Miabelle offers bridesmaid dresses and party dresses, designed to dazzle. We have collections of classic bridesmaids dresses with modern silhouettes and glam touches. The perfect dresses for special events. Whether you’re seeking a sleek, modern look or a romantic style or a trendy fitted dress with a thigh split, you’re sure to find your perfect gown here. Our dresses will allow bridesmaids to feel comfortable and shine on the big day. We have dresses to take you from aisle to dancefloor, and beyond.